Professional Organizations and Networks

Professional Organizations and Networks


Missing and exploited children’s issues are complex and multifaceted. For this reason, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® works with a wide variety of professional groups and organizations to help further the mission of preventing and reducing child victimization worldwide.

Family Advocacy Outreach Network: The FAON connects victims and families with mental health service providers and other resources within their communities. For professionals seeking more information about the requirements of becoming a network member, learn more here.

The International Child Abduction Attorney Network: As part of a nationwide effort to assist parents, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children ® asks attorneys to volunteer to represent searching-parents of children abducted by a family member. A commitment to handle at least one pro bono case entitles you to membership in the ICAAN. For more information on the ICAA Network and becoming a member, click here.

Global Missing Children’s Network: Twenty-five countries participate in the Global Missing Children’s Network; a multilingual database featuring photos of an information about missing children from around the world.

Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography: A coalition of 34 financial institutions and internet service companies dedicated to putting an end to commercial child pornography. To view the complete list of members, click here.

The National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation is a unified effort to promote the healthy development of children and youth and end their sexual abuse and exploitation. The Coalition was formed as a means for coordination and collaboration among a wide variety of organizations and individuals committed to prevention. 

Program participants

NCMEC is proud to recognize businesses and other groups who demonstrate a commitment to protecting children by implementing recommended safety measures and response policies.

Missing Kids Readiness Project Members: This program promotes best practices for responding to calls of missing, abducted, and sexually exploited children. To become an MKRP member,, agencies must have a sound, approved missing child policy that has been reviewed by NCMEC.

Code Adam Participants: Code Adam participants commit to training employees in proper protocol for responding to reports of a missing child on the premises.

Committed to child safety

Committed to child safety